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Connect Business Network | Masternode Setup Guide

AI Pro | CBN

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Sep 1, 2020
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Connect Business Network
Masternode Setup Guide

You will need to havea VPS running Linux Ubuntu16.0 for this setup.

1) Download the CBN wallet to your computer website: https://github.com/CBNProject/CBN/releases/tag/v1.0.4
2) Createanaddressforyourmasternodepayment.
a. Click the “Receive” tab on the bottom of the wallet.
b. Click the “My Addresses” button on the top right.
c. Click “New”
d. Add a label (MN1, Masternode 1, etc.) and click “Ok”
e. Right click on the new address to copy it.

3) Send exactly 1000CBN to that new address.
a. Click the “Send”tab at the bottom and paste your address in the “Pay To” box. i.
(You’ll see the label will populate with whatever you named it).
b. Type 1000.00 in the “Amount” box. i. (Make sure the “subtract fee from amount box” is NOT checked)
c. Click “Send” at the bottom and confirm the information.
d. Click “Yes” to send your payment.

4) Createyourmasternodeprivatekey in yourwallet(do notaskthe scriptto provide youone).
a. Click on “Tools” on the bottom of the wallet.
b. Click on “Console” on the top of the wallet.
c. Type “masternode genkey” into the box.
d. Copy the masternode private key created and save it on a notepad.

5) While your payment is getting 15 confirmations, set up your Linux VPS.
a. Log into your VPS console and copy and paste the following.
6) Continue setting up your VPS.
a. When prompted, paste your masternode private key into the VPS.
b. Click “Y” at the next two prompts.

c. Hit “Enter” when at the next two prompts.

7) Get your masternode output and transaction ID.
a. Go back to your “Debug console” page
b. Type “masternode outputs” and copy the transaction ID and the output number.

8) Setup your Masternode configuration file.
a. Click “Settings” on the bottom of your wallet.
b. Select “Open Masternode Configuration File”
c. Enter your masternode alias on a new line.
i. Ex. MN1 (add a space after your label)
d. Enter your VPS IP address and port 9538.
i. Ex. (add a space after yourIPaddress:port)
e. Enter your masternode private key (from step 4d)
i. Ex:93HaYBVUCYjEMeeH1Y4sBGLALQZE1Yc1K64xiqgX37tGBDQL8Xg(addaspace after your privatekey)
f. Enter your transaction ID and output index (from step 7b)
g. Verify your entry looks like the example in the configuration file.
h. Save and close the file.

9) Restart your wallet.
10) Start your masternode!
a. Click on the “Masternodes” tab at the bottom of the wallet.
b. Right click on the masternode and select “start alias.”
c. Click “Yes”

Your masternode should show “PRE-ENABLED” and will change to ENABLED and start receiving rewards shortly.

Here are some commands you can type in your VPS:

Check MN

Status: masternode status
Start MN: masternode start
Stop MN:
masternode stop

P2P PORT: 9538
RPC PORT: 9539


Connect Business Network
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